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Nonprofit Fundraising and Management Knowledge Resources

Managing a non-profit charity or enterprise can be a very rewarding experience if it's successful. Effectively managing the operation and raising the needed funds to meet the organization's mission is critical to this success.

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General Fundraising

Learn some general tips & advice for helping raise the needed funds through both traditional and online channels to carry on your organization’s mission.

Nonprofit Financial Management

Learn tips and tricks to effectively manage your nonprofit’s finances for optimal success.

Charity Software

See what nonprofit software solutions are available to help you better communicate your message, further your group’s mission and attract new donors.

Nonprofit Website Design

Learn how you can harness your website’s inherent powers to drive more interest in your organization and raise funds.

Nonprofit CMS

Nonprofit content management systems help you with a variety of necessary tasks so you can focus more on your nonprofit’s mission – which is why you do what you do.

Nonprofit Direct Marketing

Learn how you can use e-mails, newsletters and appeal letters to attract interested, passionate donors and volunteers.

Nonprofit CRM

See how nonprofit customer relationship management tools can help your organization better manage and track donors, fundraising campaigns and data.

School Administration System

Make managing an independent school a breeze with custom school management software solutions from Blackbaud. Focus on preparing young minds for the world ahead and leave the mundane management tasks to our easy-to-use, easy to customize system.

Fundraising Ideas
Social Media Marketing
for Nonprofits

Explore the exciting world of social media and learn how a strong following can help you recruit volunteers and raise funds.

Online Fundraising

Web-based fundraising technology can help your nonprofits raise funds, manage and plan your events fundraising through online channels at a fraction of the cost of more traditional sources.

Check out these nonprofit knowledge resources from Blackbaud and learn about the different tools and techniques available to help your nonprofit organization thrive.

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